The little princess that never gave up!

We had to share this pet story from Karen O’Reilly, a rescue volunteer who kindly shared her story with us! She has been around dogs since birth, so the love for all things furry comes naturally.

My Name is Karen and I live in Ontario, Canada. I frequently volunteer for several different rescues and as the daughter of a show breeder/kennel owner I’ve always been around dogs. I can’t imagine life without dogs that just seems crazy to me!

Daphne formerly named Artemis as in Artemis of the wildland, “Mistress of Animals”. In Greek mythology, Artemis was a Goddess, daughter of Zeus. Sadly this little Artemis was not treated like a Goddess. When a rescue volunteer picked up our little goddess she found her alone in a dark, cluttered storage room squealing in pain with her intestines protruding out her rectum. She was underweight, dehydrated and covered in fleas. We brought her to the Veterinary Hospital and as a volunteer of the same rescue who was going to foster her, that is where I found her.

When Daphne and I first met, she had just had surgery a few hours prior and was still sleepy. The surgery consisted of not only purse string sutures but also the more complex colopexy, where they tie the colon back to the abdominal wall using a wire mesh. When the Dr. carried all not quite 4 pounds of her in to see me Daphne was trembling, whimpering and had fleas crawling all over her little face. I drove 4 hours to see her for 10 minutes that night, I suppose I could have waited until the next day, she was so groggy she probably wouldn’t have noticed. But I felt this incredible need to let her know that someone cared. That her days of being left alone in the dark, starving and in pain were over. I don’t know if I made her feel better but it made me feel better. The next time I saw her, just a few hours later, she was a totally different puppy! Vibrant, alert, dare I even say…happy? She had just had her first real meal, the fleas were gone and she was no longer dehydrated. She was ‘talking’ up a storm letting everyone nearby know that she was there and was ready for some attention.

There was no shortage of that at the hospital! No one seems to be able to resist her charms, even to this day! She no longer sits in a dark, cluttered room squealing in pain, she now squeals in delight as she torments her 2 pug brothers Ollie, and our only non-rescue that is 11.5 years old. Stewie, our latest rescue who is 4 months old and was a Christmas present gone wrong, two pug sisters, Abby who is now 9 years old and had 5 homes by the time she was 4 years old. Phoebe who is 7 years old and escaped a puppy mill in the dead of winter and spent two weeks outside in -30 temperatures when she was three. Her Boston Terrier brother, Cooper who is 17 months old and was kept tied to a post 12 hours a day for most of his short life. I am happy to say that they are now all healthy, happy and well loved, as all dogs should be!

If you have a heartwarming pet adoption story or rescue you would like to share please email Jeff and we will gladly share your pet tail!!! No pun intended.