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Our Products

About Our Products

Buddy’s Line offers a variety of products perfect for pet lovers at heart! Explore our product line, designed to fit the different lifestyles of both pets and pet owners. We offer bowls and diners in many sizes, with specialty features such as non-skid bottoms, adjustable heights and machine-washable materials. We also have food storage containers, placemats, blankets and more.

Cat and dog food bowls

Our stainless-steel food bowls range from basic, non-skid bowls to more fashionable, brightly colored ones, and come in multiple convenient sizes to suit pets of all sizes and ages. Our super sturdy stainless steel collection is simple and elegant, yet eye-catching – perfect for those who love simple, minimal design. We even sell a one-of-a-kind slow feeder bowl made of glass, perfect for fast eaters, as well as pets on a fresh food or raw food diet.


Your pet deserves to dine in style! We offer single and double diners in a variety of designs and colors so you can find the perfect product for your style.

One of our favorite products, our elevated, adjustable diner will grow with your dog from puppy to adulthood, aiding in better digestion and putting less stress on joints and bones.

Food storage solutions

Explore our large collection of food and treat storage solutions and canisters, available in a variety of sizes and designs. They’re classy enough to be your counter centerpiece, and stylish enough to match with your home décor.

Pet placemats

Our feeding mats help keep your pet’s feeding area hygienic and tidy. Available in 5 different styles and many sizes, we have a placemat to match every personality! The products in our 5 collections are made with a variety of materials ranging from canvas to all natural jute to weave. We also offer specialty mats for pets prone to spilling food and water.


We offer accessories for the integrated pet family! We help you celebrate your family with a number of pet themed home items that will complement your décor. With bowls, trays, blankets and so much more there is a decoration for every home.