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Jennifer Adams Story: “Love is Where You Find It”

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We had to share this pet story from Jennifer Adams, a successful designer who was so lovely to chat with! She was never sure about owning dogs until.....

For years I wanted to share my life with a dog, but since I never had a dog at all growing up, or really had much experience with them, I was quite nervous. I was afraid a dog wouldn’t like me, or my house wasn’t right, or that my allergies would get worse. I just didn’t know what to expect.

My original idea was to find a rescue dog that really needed a home but I was so insecure about the whole process. The daughter of a good friend of mine started doing some research for me, because I didn’t even know where to start!

This friend’s family had a Labradoodle who I really liked. Turns out these dogs -- a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle -- didn’t shed, are very easygoing, have great personalities and relatively easy to train. Plus, they are hypoallergenic! All very good traits for me, a nervous future first-time dog owner.

And, I have to be perfectly honest; I wanted a dog that would match my decor! I learned how Labradoodles came in many shades of beautiful warm colors, which I appreciated.

My friends had gotten pets through this one breeder, and I went to the breeder’s place to meet other dogs to see if I got along with them. Turns out they had a litter, all had been adopted except for Jaxx, the runt, who of course, I completely fell in love with. I couldn’t believe no one wanted him!

The last thing I had in mind to do was to go through a breeder, but the more I thought about the health or other problems, the more nervous I became about being a good rescue parent. It was so overwhelming that I had pretty much given up ever having a dog.

But seeing this cute puppy in front of me, the perfect color of apricot, and so charming, I couldn’t resist. At two months old, Jaxx came to stay with me, and I was truly on pins and needles hoping he would like me, my husband and my house!

Well of course he liked us, and I can’t believe how much my life changed for the better because of him! We got him into puppy obedience training as soon as possible, and since we enjoyed him so much we got him a brother Labradoodle, Oliver. He’s from the same breeder as Jaxx but with different parents. I love his whitish face and paws, and they both make such a great pair.

I think about the boys all the time, and miss them so much when I travel. I’m sure that would happen with a rescue dog, but because I was so nervous I’m glad I went the route I did to find Jaxx and Oliver because otherwise I still wouldn’t have a dog at all. I truly had no idea how much love was in my heart for these dogs, and can’t believe how much happier I am because they are in my life.

And I was quite happy before dogs! As my confidence and dog skills grow, I know my next dog really will be a rescue. Who knew I was such a dog person but I’m so glad I figured that out!