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Adoption Story: The Dog Who Brought Her Owner's Smile

Here at Buddy’s Line, we have a love for animals. We know you enjoy hearing adoption and rescue stories just like the rest of us. We tend to think the best ones make your heart melt into a million pieces. So, if you have one, please feel free to email us at: hope@royaltradeusa.com.Our first adoption story is provided [...]

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Monty The Cat Shows Us Appearance Isn’t Everything!

Monty The Cat could really teach us a thing or two about positive body image in both humans as well as our pets. Born without a nasal bridge, Monty is a bit unlike other cats. Even though he has a chromosomal abnormality — which causes him to sneeze more often than other cats — this doesn’t stop him from [...]

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Keeping Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Chocolate is one of the worst foods your pet can consume. This Halloween, you must keep your animal from eating this sweet treat. In particular, you know dogs tend to eat everything in sight, so as a pet owner, you must make sure to keep them safe on Halloween.According to the ASPCA, chocolate can contain high [...]

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Buddy’s Line Now Announcing Fashion Forward Collection

Buddy’s Line is pleased to announce another new line of placemats called Fashion Forward Collection to add to their already extensive full and complete list of pet products. For companies who are in search of quality placemats like no other, they’re in luck because Buddy’s Line has a brand spankin’ new placemat line. Not only are they fashionable, they’re also [...]

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