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How to Keep Your Pet Food Fresh - A Customer Testimonial

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We live in a world where keeping food fresh is the number one concern in our everyday lives. So why don’t we hold that same attitude for our pets? Keeping their food fresh should be just as important as the care we take to ensure our own foods longevity. Nowadays it’s hard for any one method to fit the mold for everyone, some people feed their pet dry food only, others feed wet food only, and growing more steadily is the raw food diets. So with all these variations our heads are spinning on ensuring our pets food stays fresh and does not spoil.

One practice to take into account is to ask the question, “If this food where mine how would I store it to keep fresh at all times?” This inner reflection can answer a lot of simple questions. I used to be one of those people who bought a bag of dry dog food and kept it in the same bag until it was finished. I then realized, as I got towards the end of the bag that my dog was eating less of her dry food. So then I would go into panic mode and think well maybe it’s the food that she doesn't like anymore. After a couple of times of changing my dog’s dry food and having the same results, I got feed up and started looking into other alternatives.

One day while cleaning out my fridge, I saw that a tomato had rolled out of its bag and was left exposed to the elements inside the fridge for how long I am not sure. The tomatoes that were still wrapped up where fresh and firm while the exposed tomato was bruised and soft. That’s when it dawned on me….maybe the dry food was going stale before I could finish the bag and that was the real reason she didn't seem to like it and wouldn't finish the bag!

That night I went online searching for dog food canisters that had an air tight seal and ensured freshness and believe me it was not easy finding one that was durable and looked nice all in one unit. Some canisters were very appealing to the eye but didn't have an airtight seal. Others were plastic with seals but didn't look that nice. My biggest issue was finding something I could leave out and not be bothered by its appearance. Because frankly, who wants to have to lug it out every time you have to feed the dogs.

So for me personally it was about durability and style, and I believe I found that with the Buddy’s Line Dog Food Canister’s. Once I received them they lived up to my expectations of keeping my dog, Casey’s, food dry and fresh and looked great too! Thank You Buddy’s Line.

REPLY FROM Buddy's Line: Thank you Tracey for your kind thoughts and comments about our Buddy’s Line Food & Treat Canister’s. A number of your ideas and needs were exactly why we designed them. They are constructed of durable milled steel and have a rubber gasket along the rim of the can to lock-in the Freshness, keep out Pests and Moisture. They are available in two colors: black and red (three different food sizes) and a treat canister to compliment. The great part about them is that they are not only functional but are stylish enough to compliment any home décor! Don't forget to check out all the Unique and Different Fashion Pet Products Buddy's Line has to offer!