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Common Decisions For Pet Parents

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As pet parents, we at  Buddy’s Line know all too well the multitude of decisions we must make regarding daily and long-term care for our furry friends. A quick Google search can return hordes of entries with areas of concern - professional training versus home schooled, raw, no grain, or veggie-based diets, wet versus dry, or that ongoing debate over collar versus topical options to battle those dreaded fleas. Simply put, it can be overwhelming even for the most devoted caregiver. So today, Buddy’s Line is launching a multi-part series in which we will take on some important issues that all pet parents face. Let’s dive in…

Bringing a new pet, especially a rescued one, into your home is always a wonderful event. Everything is shiny and new: eye-catching collars, matching leashes, fabulous chew toys, that plush (and expensive!) bed. An abundance of smiles and kisses are on offer from all members of the family, but for the pet, it is usually a period of intense anxiety. It’s in these initial days and weeks that the bond between you and your new best friend are formed. It is also when the most critical decisions are paramount. What to feed your pet is the most obvious first decision. There are pro’s and con’s for just about everything. A good conversation with your trusted vet is plainly the “best bet” place to start. However, it’s not only about what to feed but how to feed. And that is the first subject in our series.

In recent years, raised or “elevated” feeders have grown in popularity. Many pet parents have sought advice on the benefits they can provide. Leading the list is the very simple notion of keeping food and water off the floor. This seemingly ordinary change naturally helps to maintain a cleaner feeding area, decreasing the potential for bacteria or contamination. Have you ever moved your pet’s bowls to find mold growing under it due to moisture gathering underneath? It’s gross! And let’s face it, having to bend over less is a win-win for us humankinds.

Veterinarians have contributed to the dialogue recommending raised feeders for any number of conditions. First, the increased height allows greater ease for pets that struggle with arthritis, neck or back problems. In cats, the elevation can deter playing in their water - a behavior many are prone to. And medically, the hoisted feeder can aide pets with megaesophagus or other swallowing conditions.

“Elevated bowls have shown to be helpful in preventing regurgitation,” confirms Massachusetts-based CVT Kathryn Gray. “This is mainly for dogs afflicted with megaesophagus.” Since the condition is largely incurable, she does advise pet parents to always be attentive during feedings. “Owners of pets with the condition still do need to be careful to keep their pet’s heads elevated after they eat. This will allow time for the food to slide into the stomach. Without elevating their heads, food will sit in the esophagus, posing a risk for aspiration.”

There are many raised feeders on the market; we at Buddy’s Line favor our 3-tier Adjustable Double Diner (pictured above). Dana Crosson, National Sales & Marketing Director comments, “we have created a functional elevated diner that can ‘fit’ dogs of many sizes, and compliment any home décor. And, of course, we made it affordable.”

Proper nutrition is vital to your pet at any age. For many, the decision to include a raised feeder in the home is not only a life-sustaining necessity but brings with it other important benefits and conveniences. Professionals do advise to research what is best for your pet’s breed before making a final decision.

Do you have a raised feeder in your home? Let us know about your experience and continue the dialogue. Email us at buddyslinenews@gmail.com. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Buddy’s Line 3-tier Adjustable Double Diner is made from durable wrought iron and accented with a stylish, matte black finish. The adjustable stand features two stainless-steel bowls featuring noise cancelling rubber bumpers and allows for three adjustment levels. It is the perfect option for the new puppy; our diner will grow with your pet from puppy through adulthood. For more product, information visit www.buddysline.com

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