Adoption Story: The dog who has done so much good for the world!

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We have an adoption story from Kimberley Matchem of Fort Mcmurray, Ab, Canada. She was shocked to learn her pooch ended up doing so much good for the world!

have always grown up around dogs and when my last dog Sparky —who I had for almost my entire life — passed away I never thought the void in my heart would ever be full again. Well, until I met Apollo.

It all started with us purchasing our first home in 2011. We knew we had to fill it with a loving animal. I knew how important it was to pick out an animal that best suited our lifestyle. We both work full-time, so we knew a puppy was out of the question and an older dog would be perfect for us. We kept visiting the local animal shelter —Fort McMurray SPCA­ — for at least 2 weeks, spending time with the dogs; taking them outside for walks, playing in the designated play area with them and asking as many questions as we could about them.

I received a text message from my husband with a photo of a dog named Apollo. I was told he was very different from any of the other dogs. After work, I went up to the shelter to find out about him. Usually, when you walk into the kennels all the animals bark & jump, well Apollo, a GSD x husky, just sat there not making a peep, let alone eye contact. I got the kennel attendant to take Apollo outside so I could play around with him. Well, stubborn Apollo wouldn’t even come near me. Instead, he just stood next to the kennel attendant, which I could not believe.

Apollo the dog who has done so much good for the worldHe came into the shelter as a stray from the reserve, then was adopted and brought back due to his disorder. Apollo has Canine Epilepsy and as an animal lover, there was something inside me that drew me to him! He wanted a loving family that wouldn’t abandon him or bring him back because he was different.

We wanted him, and we didn’t care if he didn’t like us. Rather, we wanted him to feel loved.

We filled in the adoption application and in a few days, we got the phone call that he was ours. We were ecstatic —to say the least!

June 23, 2011, is the day that changed his life forever. First things first, we changed his name to Rolo, which suits him much more. For the first few months, Rolo would just stay in the basement. After discovering his bed upstairs, the bed became his safe haven! He slowly came out of his shell and morphed into the dog that he is to this day. I credit that to a routine and a ton of love & treats.

Rolo has built quite the little dog resume for himself! He has become a certified pet therapy dog, inspiration for starting our animal blog, a canine epilepsy ambassador, been published in a book, magazines and calendar as well as runs his own fundraisers for his former shelter. Not to mention, he has raised & donated around $10,000 since 2011. Did I ever think any of this would have been possible when we first adopted him? No! But with time, it all happened!

Apollo to Rolo the dog who has done so much good for the world